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Welcome to Heritage Trust Network

Heritage Trust Network is a membership organisation run by people who have delivered amazing heritage projects against all the odds.

Our mission is to help others do the same. The Network operates throughout the United Kingdom, drawing together and supporting the work of local heritage groups, whether constituted as building preservation trusts, community trusts or social enterprises.
Heritage Trust Network, predominantly run by professional volunteers, provides an invaluable platform for members by way of peer-to-peer support, knowledge sharing and skills development. Our guidance and advice helps groups throughout the lifetime of their project from start up to post completion. Just as importantly, Heritage Trust Network also gives this extraordinary grassroots movement a united voice, representing their views to government and funding bodies.

Heritage Trust Network is here to help you ensure a future for all our pasts.

Join Heritage Trust Network to:
  • Work together to help save the UK's built heritage - There are currently over 7000 listed buildings at risk across the UK and many more unlisted historic buildings at risk
  • Share best practice and learn from experienced building restoration professionals and volunteers
  • Create a stronger voice for heritage
  • Help ensure a future for all our pasts
Member Benefits

Heritage Trust Network members benefit from:

Regional Heritage Trust Network meetings, twice monthly newsletters and our annual national conference.  All are excellent opportunities for networking and sharing best practice. 

Online detailed technical advice pages to guide you through every step of your project from options appraisals and celebrating your success.

Access to a range of specially negotiated rates and offers from architects, solicitors, VAT specialists and other heritage professionals in order to help you with your building restoration project.

Support staff to help you identify new funding streams suitable for your project.


Members in action

We have made over 26 videos showing different people involved in the historic built heritage movement, giving a flavour of the type of work our members do. If these videos inspire you - and hopefully they will - why not get involved with a group in your area, or even set up your own trust.