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We are a group of 18- 30-year-olds and early career professionals who are passionate about heritage and want to make our voices heard in the sector.

We co-produced our goals and plan our programme in order to realise them. We meet monthly and organise regular activities to help us achieve our aims.

In just over a year, we have achieved a great deal; we have hosted a Careers Pannel and Speed Mentoring event, produced regular blogs, started a podcast channel, started an advice library, and consulted and collaborated with heritage organisations. Check out our events below to see what we have planned for this year

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Youth Forum Goals: 1. Be the youth voice for HTN 2. Improve engagement with heritage for young people 3. Produce resources for the heritage sector 4. Be inclusive: heritage is for everyone

We would love to hear from you, why not drop us an email?

Jess: Jessica.vanderdrift@heritagetrustnetwork.org.uk

Marissa (Scotland): Marissa.trimble@heritagetrustnetwork.org.uk

Izzy (Wales): Izabella.maar@heritagetrustnetwork.org.uk

Youth Forum Resources

Image shows 7 European Heritage volunteers sitting on a stone wall looking happy.

Sustainable Heritage: Preserving the Past, Securing the Future

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I recently had the privilege of participating in an inspiring volunteering programme with European Heritage Volunteers in collaboration with Klassik Stiftung Weimar during the UNESCO-Welterbestätten Deutschland e.V. German World Heritage Day. The title of this remarkable initiative was “Sustainable Practices of Heritage Conservation in Times of Climate Change.” Today, as…

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Phone with podcast and coffee

Introducing BRICK BY BRICK: Understanding Heritage Projects, a podcast produced by the Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum

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What is the podcast? Brick by Brick: Understanding Heritage Projects is the podcast for anyone with any questions about the heritage sector. It’s created by the Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum so you can expect many different hosts and we invite a range of people with totally different experiences and…

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Change in neon lights

Youth Forum Blog: People Power

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People Power: Addressing the Critical Imbalance in the Heritage Sector – Written by Ellis Murrell Heritage is changing. Which is ironic really, considering that the very idea of heritage is to preserve the past as it was, for the enjoyment of the present and the future. But when I say…

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Museum object display

Youth Forum Blog: Repatriation

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As an undergraduate and new to heritage, one of my first classes in university spoke of repatriation. In that class, I also discovered the theory that every object has a biography and every interaction it has is vital to its story. That deserves to be recognised however, many museums have…

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