A reminder

why our work is so important.

Heritage Trust Network only emloyees two part time staff with all the rest of the work being done by our volunteer Area Reps and Trustees.  

Below you can find a number of ways that you can help support Heritage Trust Network.  

Heritage Trust Network gratefully acknowledges the support of:

The Architectural Heritage Fund, Historic Scotland, Cadw, Northern Ireland Environment Agency. Sponsors of this website: Chiene & Tait, All Churches Trust, Norwich Preservation Trust.


We welcome all donations, whatever their value.  Every pound we receive allows us to do more to promote and support the work of BPTs.

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If you could spare some time and would like to help secure the future of many at risk buildings, join us...

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There are many opportunities to sponsor the work of Heritage Trust Network – our National Conference for example attracts sponsors every year...

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You may wish to see your support directed at a particular project. Donations are always most welcome.

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Legacy income plays a key part in securing the future of the beautiful buildings rescued by Building Preservation Trusts...

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