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New services to members

Heritage Trust Network is continually forming associations and links with partner organisations to create exclusive offers and resources for Heritage Trust Network members. A range of member services have been arranged which will support BPTs in their delivery of projects.

The benefits offered include free consultations and reduced fees. The following is a list of current services, which are continually being added to:

  • Specialist VAT advice
  • Architecture, Planning, Conservation Plans
  • Planning, organisational development
  • PR, print & design, websites online, marketing communication
  • Solicitors, Edinburgh
  • Planning and Environmental Consultancy
  • Activity Plans and Business Planning
  • Surveying/Project Management
  • Property Advice and Training, Asset Transfer Advice
  • Conservation architects
  • Internship opportunity

In order to access these services you need to Log in to the members section (top right). If you are not a member please see which membership type suits you best.