A reminder

why our work is so important.

The historic built environment is not uppermost on the political agenda. However, the last decade has seen an enormous increase in the number of consultation papers issued by government departments, the Heritage Lottery Fund and others. Heritage Trust Network consults with its members trusts and responds on their behalf to government consultations, raising the profile of the building preservation trust movement as a whole.

Heritage Trust Network has contributed to campaigning publications:

Catalytic Conversion – REVIVE Historic Buildings for Re-use, which demonstrates that protecting, improving and making full use of listed and other old buildings is integral to the wider agenda of economic and social regeneration, sustainability, brownfield site development, increased housing provision, local investment, etc.

NGO campaign on VAT, which drew on specially- commissioned research into the revenue implications of harmonising VAT on repairs and alterations to listed buildings at a reduced rate of 5%. VAT and the Built Heritage, published in October 1999, used by individual BPTs and others lobbying at local and national levels. Heritage Trust Network is currently framing its response to the proposed withdrawal of concessions on alterations to listed buildings.

The Heritage Dynamo: how the voluntary sector drives regeneration, published by Heritage Link (now Heritage Alliance) which illustrates the economic value of heritage in regeneration projects and highlights the voluntary sector’s contribution to projects which bring communities back to life by re-using and enhancing historic buildings and areas.

Heritage Trust Network has responded to recent consultations including:


Heritage Trust Network will continue to respond at national level to consultations relevant to BPTs and seeks to support, encourage and co-ordinate campaigns and responses at regional, local and individual member levels.