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2013 Conference in Leeds

Heritage Trust Network membership has a wide range of benefits

Becoming a member of Heritage Trust Network allows you and your trust to benefit from events, services and advice specifically tailored to your needs.

For all types of membership these include:

  • Heritage Trust Network area meetings and events. These are excellent opportunities for local networking and sharing advice and experiences.
  • National conference, seminars and other events. Our very popular national conference is an opportunity for everyone connected with the building preservation trust world to get together and learn about what's happening throughout the movement.
  • Advice. Membership gains access to Heritage Trust Network's renowned Guidance Notes, which cover all aspects of running a project from legal set up, financial matters, options appraisals to celebrating your successes! (Start-up membership access limited to first stage information.)
  • Heritage Trust Network News. Keep abreast of news and events from throughout the built heritage world with our regular e-newsletters.
  • Membership services. Access to a raft of specially negotiated rates and offers from architects, solicitors, VAT specialists, and a range of heritage professionals in order to help groups set up and run a building rescue project.  
  • Lobbying. Heritage Trust Network provides a united voice for BPTs, representing their views to government and funding bodies, as well lobbying more widely on issues relevant to this work. 
  • Research. Heritage Trust Network has commissioned a number of regional studies, looking at BPT activity and how to expand it. The latest in the line, on Northern Ireland, has just been commissioned.  
  • E-Zine. Twice yearly 'Celebrating Success' electronic magazine.
  • Talent Bank. Access to our list of heritage professionals who have been recommended by our members. Trusts can also list themselves to promote their skill services to other members. 

Start Up Members also receive: 

Introductions. Heritage Trust Network will provide you with tailored introductions to other trusts who share similarities with your project or plans. This is a great way to find out what to expect when you begin your project.


Corporate Supporter benefits include:

  • Talent Bank. Listing to allow all of our members to view your company's profile.
  • Notifications. Keep informed about 'invitations to tender' from our members.
  • Heritage Trust Network Meetings. Invitation to regional meetings and to showcase your company at two meetings a year.
  • National Conference. Opportunity to participate at our National Conference.
  • Advertising. Opportunities to purchase advertising on our website and in our newsletters and E-zine.
  • Volunteering. Corporate volunteering opportunities.
  • E-Zine. Twice yearly 'Celebrating Success' electronic magazine.


In order to access these services you need to Log in to the members section (top right). If you are not a member please see which membership type suits you best.