A reminder

why our work is so important.

BPTS are community organisations and in that role have been delivering the  ‘Big Society’ agenda for over half a century. The repair and imaginative re-use of historic buildings has proved time and again to be a catalyst for regeneration, environmental enhancement and economic improvement.

Over the past 25 years, BPTs in Scotland have created

  • over 250 homes;
  • 12 large commercial properties, including some 75 workplaces;
  • 25 community facilities;

BPTs were amongst the first to demonstrate the impact of exemplary projects involving historic buildings and their contribution to a whole range of softer benefits.


Promoting Social Inclusion

A MORI survey carried out for English Heritage in 2000 confirmed the high value people place on the historic environment.  85% of those questioned ...

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Stimulating Partnerships

BPTs play a role in encouraging partnership working between Government, local authorities, private individuals and voluntary sector...

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Creating a Sense of Place

The heritage of an area is very important to local communities.  Historic buildings, whether alone or as part of a group, establish the particular character of the town or urban area ...

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Supporting Regeneration

Building Preservation Trusts make an important contribution to the regeneration of both urban and rural areas, particularly where they focus on iconic landmark buildings. Through the ... 

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Providing a Sustainable Future

BPT projects repair buildings at risk, removing them from the Buildings at Risk Register and in most cases, bringing them back into use.

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