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Welcome to Heritage Trust Network South West

Introduction to Heritage Trust Network South-West

There are over 50 active Trusts in the South West, and a further 6 Trusts with a national remit currently carrying out projects in the region. All the Trusts are registered as charities and are also in the main companies limited by guarantee. Whilst the first ... 

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Key Contacts

Chair: Claire Donovan
Tel: 07813 811345
email: claire.donovan@icloud.com

Secretary: Josephine Brown
Tel: 07929 725412

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Regional Events

See here for listing of HTN meetings in the area.

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Enquiry Form

If you would like to know more about Heritage Trust Network South-West, or would like to get in touch with BPT's in the South West complete an online enquiry.

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Jobs and volunteering opportunities


The latest jobs and volunteering opportunities with South West trusts. 

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Research, toolkits and regional resources for the Southwest.

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Agenda Heritage Trust Network meeting Swindon 24 June 2015

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