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Introduction to Heritage Trust Network North-East

The region covers Trusts and activities from Berwick in the North to Sheffield in the South and has the Pennines as its dividing line with the North West region. There are 19 member trusts in the region ... 

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North-East Resources

Research and regional resources for the North-East

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Key Contacts

Area Representative: Martin Hulse
Tel: 07720 896401 or 0191 260 2133 
email: martin@twbpt.org.uk or martin.hulse@heritagetrustnetwork.org.uk

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Regional Events

Click 'read more' below to view forthcoming Heritage Trust Network events in the North-East.

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Online enquiry

If you would like to know more about Heritage Trust Network North-East, or would like to get in touch with BPT's in the North East complete an online enquiry.

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Jobs and volunteering opportunities

Click 'read more' below for jobs and volunteering opportunities in the Northeast

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