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Guidance Notes

Membership gains access to Heritage Trust Network’s renowned Guidance Notes, which cover all aspects of running a project from legal set up, financial matters, options appraisals to celebrating your successes!

The following heads show the comprehensive nature of the advice which is available to members.  

 Setting up your BPT:

  • Identifying a project
  • The regulatory framework
  • Campaigning
  • The right vehicle for delivering your project
  • Setting up a Charitable Company
  • Financing the Set-up
  • Trustees
  • Building Community Support                                                           



Delivering your project: 

  • Acquiring the Property
  • Going Out To Tender
  • Insuring the Project/Risk Management
  • On-Site Responsibilities
  • On-Site Training/Educational Opportunities
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Building Manual
  • Disposal
  • Evaluation

Setting up your project: 

  • Conservation Philosophy
  • Appointing a Project Organiser/Team
  • VAT Guidance for Building Preservation Trusts (BPTs)
  • The Options Appraisal - Exploring End Uses
  • Working with Partners
  • Financing the Project
  • The Conservation Management Plan
  • Building in Sustainability
  • Building in DDA/Regulatory Compliance
  • A project business plan
  • Audience development plan

     Managing a BPT:

  • Running a BPT
  • Accounts
  • Assessing and Managing Risks
  • Insuring the Organisation
  • Policies
  • Subsidiaries
  • Managing a Portfolio
  • Producing a BPT Business Plan/Strategy
  • Annual Budget and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Raising ProfileSharing Expertise
  • Making your BPT Sustainable