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why our work is so important.

Is there a historic building you would like to rescue? Get involved! 

  • Form your own trust you could get together with others for form your own trust - Heritage Trust Network is here to assist! Join Heritage Trust Network and benefit from a wealth of advice and networking as well as member service offers.
  • Volunteer our members always need help! Use our search feature, to find building preservation trusts and their projects throughout the UK. Many hands make light work! Heritage Trust Network has over 200 member trusts throughout the UK.

The built heritage preservation movement is made up of thousands of people with most groups being local voluntary organisations. Their strength is the support they can mobilise and participation they can achieve amongst people from every section of the community in order to deliver projects that meet the needs of that community. They are socially inclusive in their operation, and empowering through the opportunities provided for communities to achieve their goals. Seeing a project through from beginning to end is an excellent way to build capacity within a community.

Many restoration groups have Members and Friends; increasing numbers have paid staff. Every trust employs professionals and crafts people trained in traditional building and conservation techniques, as well as expert advisers, some of whom may sit on the governing body. Together, our members encompass a wide range of skills and experience e.g. in local history, community engagement/enterprise, fundraising, government policy, charity law and conservation practice. Built heritage groupshave always been ready and willing to provide advice and guidance to other voluntary sector, private sector and public sector organisations.

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