A reminder

why our work is so important.

Heritage Trust Network's annual conference gathers together key funders and sector experts to talk to members about the latest heritage news.  

The conference not only provides a fantastic opportunity for members to speak directly to those at the heart of heritage but allows provides a platform for members to celebrate their success and share best practice with other HTN members from across the UK.  

The conference is held in a different part of the UK each year.  

Details of this year's conference, including how to book, can be found here.

Photos and presentations, 2013 Heritage Trust Network national conference, Leeds

For photos and presentations from 2013 conference in Leeds click:

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Photos and presentations, 2012 Heritage Trust Network National Conference, Gt Yarmouth

For photos and presentations from 2012 conference in Great Yarmouth click:

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Feedback from past conferences

Participant feedback from past Heritage Trust Network national conferences - a great opportunity for learning and networking.  Click 'read more' below:

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