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Who are Heritage Trust Network's members?

Many of our members are traditional Building Preservation Trusts (BPTs) which are not-for-profit organisations which rescue historic buildings for the benefit of the public.  They operate throughout the UK, contracting to carry out work that is necessary to ensure the preservation of heritage assets. 

More recently other legal structures have been approved for groups working to preserve heritage buildings and now Heritage Trust Network can welcome CICs, CIOs, providence societies, community benefit groups and other not-for-profit organisations as members.  

Having worked alongside hertiage craftworkers, architects, surveyors, musueum professionals and the like for many years, Heritage Trust Network is pleased to know be able to include such individuals working within the heritage sector as members.    

Our members help to breathe new life into old buildings and are often driven by and for ocal communities, providing exciting opportunities for local residents to take an active part in their heritage.  Our members make an important contribution to the regeneration of both urban and rural areas, particularly where they focus on iconic landmark buildings. Through the adaptation of historic buildings for modern uses, completed projects provide a unique environment where people choose to live, work or spend their leisure time.  The repair and reuse of historic buildings contributes to economic and social regeneration, enhancing the urban environment, reducing pressure for development on greenfield sites, meeting housing targets and promoting tourism -  one of the UK’s leading industries. 

Historic buildings, whether alone or as part of a group, establish the particular character of the town or urban area in which they stand.  Where they become run-down and derelict, they can become a magnet for anti-social behaviour and vandalism – by contrast, high quality historic buildings can be a powerful stimulus for generating confidence in a local area and promoting civic pride. 

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One or two BPTs were set up as long ago as the 1920s and remain active to this day.   Most however are considerably younger.  With the urban clearances of the 1960s the building...

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Building Preservation Trusts are of various types.  Single trusts are set up to rescue one specific building, multi-project trusts may tackle many historic buildings, others have developed other roles within the communuties ...

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BPTs are community organisations that have been delivering the ‘Big Society’ agenda for over half a century.  The repair and imaginative re-use of historic buildings has proved time and again to be a catalyst for regeneration, environmental enhancement and...

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The testimony of the success of the Building Preservation Trust movement is to be found in the many successful projects that have been completed. Some 5,000 buildings have been rescued and £1 billion funding raised and injected into their restoration.

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